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Residential Sewer, Drain Cleaning

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Residential Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

We have all put things down the drain at some point that we should not have and the result has always been the same……  THE CLOG!

There are many different ways to unclog a drain, but finding the right one which limits damage to yourself or your pipes can be a little tricky. Your home plumbing is extremely important and maintaining the integrity of it should be intrusted to a plumbing professional.

Did you know?

Lye is the main active ingredient in most drain clearing solutions found at your local store? It is extremely toxic and contact with your skin or even eyes can cause permanent damage. A chemical burn from these products can be very painful and leave scars.

Drain cleaners that promise to unclog your drain are also very explosive and can react to other substances in your drain system potentially causing an explosion. Such substances can also damage your pipes by speeding up the pipe corrosion process. Your pipes already have a natural corrosion process over time with the water that runs through them but utilizing chemicals that accelerate this can cause leaks in your household plumbing.

Meadow Ridge Plumbing and Gas can take care of these nasty backups and provide you with a clog free peace of mind.

Sewer Lines

Have you ever seen a smelly wet spot in your yard? This may be a sign that you have a sewer line leaking. It is sometimes only a matter of time before tree roots, overhead vehicles and corrosion hinder the integrity of sewer lines below your property.

Sewage lines can also require service due to clogging which limits flow through the pipe causing stress and accelerated breakdown of the pipe. Meadow Ridge Plumbing can provide sewer line maintenance repairs and if required, replacement of sewer pipes.

We don’t typically have an extreme temperature differential here in the Greater Vancouver area, but extreme changes in the temperature can definitely contribute to sewer line deterioration. This can cause pipe lines to buckle, or even break which can create havoc in your yard.

At the first sign of potential sewer line problems, be sure to contact us and have your situation assessed.

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We have the equipment and expertise to service or repair anything from those older plumbing setups to the latest plumbing related appliances and fixtures.

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