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Residential Hot Water Tank

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Residential Hot Water Tank – Installation & Repair Services

Short on Hot Water during your Morning Shower? This could be a sign that your hot water tank needs a service call. We can make quick work of repairs needed for your hot water tank and get you back to enjoying those wonderful hot showers!

A few signs that your hot water tank may need servicing:
– You get a blast of icy cold water while taking a hot shower
– Moisture appears around the base of the tank or is dripping from the tank
– You hear odd sounds when you use your shower (does not include singing)

Some water heater repairs can be costly if you put them off. Typically, the earlier an issue is detected, the sooner is can be fixed and will save you a considerable amount of money.

As some water tank heating systems use gas, if you smell gas near your water heater, you should immediately get everyone out of the house and contact the gas company. Once the gas has been contained, you then contact a local repair licensed, insured and bonded contractor to repair the leak like Meadow Ridge Plumbing and Gas.

We service hot water tanks including Conventional Water Heaters, Tankless Water Heaters and Combi-Boilers.

Before replacing your Hot Water Tank, call us in for a second opinion as it may just need a little repair, in turn saving you thousands of dollars.

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