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Commercial Furnace Installation & Services

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Commercial Furnace Installation & Service

Are you and your staff freezing? Extra coffee breaks needed just to warm up? Customers leaving because your business has no heat? We are thinking you may just require a little maintenance on your commercial grade furnace to get your business back to one of comfort and efficiency!

Are you experiencing one of these problems?

– Pilot light is out
– Strange noises from the furnace when it starts or runs
– Blower runs constantly
– Furnace simply won’t turn on

So many issues can occur with the simplest of furnaces from tripped breakers to key components not being clean. Our licensed service technicians can provide you with solutions to get your furnace back in working order.

Safety issues also arise when it comes to the furnace. Carbon Monoxide can build up from clogged duct work, soot buildup can ignite a fire, lower oxygen levels due to lack of sufficient fresh air, and cracks in the heat exchanger leading to increase of carbon monoxide in your business.

With many of our commercial services, we strongly encourage a maintenance program. This simply provides you with scheduled maintenance so your furnace remains maintained and in working order. This not only extends the life of your furnace and keep it operating efficiently, but also saves your business dollars on the heating bill.

Do You Need a New Commercial Furnace?

Call us first for a second opinion before you rush out to buy a new commercial rated furnace. Sometimes, a simple repair can be the savings of thousands of dollars. Perhaps you just have a faulty thermostat but let’s take a look first.

Contact Meadow Ridge Plumbing and Gas for a Hassle Free consultation and assessment on your commercial furnace needs.

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We have the equipment and expertise to service or repair anything from those older plumbing setups to the latest plumbing related appliances and fixtures.

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