Residential Radiant Heating

Meadow Ridge Plumbing and Gas is a radiant heat technology installation industry leader. Providing customers with the highest quality material and workmanship, we remain on the cutting edge of technology in today’s ever changing market.

Have you ever had frozen toes, and the rest of you is hot? As the hot air rises, the cold air sinks to the floor keeping those toes cold and your head hot. With a radiant heat system in your floor, the heat starts at the bottom of the room as opposed to forced air systems. By heating from the floor, the cold air is pushed to the ceiling and remains there so you and your family can enjoy comfort.

Radiant heat systems also provide you with up to 30% more efficiency when it comes to heating your home which relates to a savings for your family. Floor heating is invisible and provides some wonderful benefits:
– Eliminates cold spots as floors are warm and heat pushes equally upward within a room.
– Works in almost every flooring application like wood, marble, tile, and concrete floors
– Saves Money!
– It is quiet while eliminating air duct, fan, and pipe noise

Radiant Heating Systems solutions eliminate cold feet and Save Money!
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Residential Radiant Heating System
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