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Port Coquitlam is chock-full of both homes and business properties. Uses differ from space to space but they all have one thing in common: plumbing! Whether indoors or outside, a clear and functioning water system is the key to clean and sanitary environments. When you want your plumbing working its best, it is important to consider that drains and pipes are not the only areas in need of attention.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most obvious areas to spot a slow drain or discover reduced water pressure but plumbing in Port Coquitlam homes runs much deeper than just that. Everyday taps and appliances, combined with water tanks and furnaces mean plumbing services are always in demand.

Regular inspections or services and repair can keep households and workspaces running smoothly. Instead of struggling to get an appointment or ending up with a DIY disaster, call us instead. Our Port Coquitlam plumbing services treat everything from plumbing and drainage systems to water lines.

We Handle All Port Coquitlam Plumbing & Heating Problems – None Are Too Small For Our Experts

Anyone can live with a leaky faucet but even simple inconveniences can mean big trouble. Even a slight drip can cost money in the form of utility bills or repairs following water damage. In a country dependant on heating, furnace care is key. Keeping spaces at a comfortable temperature is necessary when creating a welcoming environment for family, friends, tenants and customers. A broken water heater can be uncomfortable but a compromised gas line is downright dangerous.

The easiest way to maintain a safe home or workspace is to make Port Coquitlam plumbing services a part of your regular care routine. With routine maintenance, monitoring, flush outs and cleanings, your systems and appliances last longer. When in good condition, water heaters, furnaces and other appliances can last a decade but unnecessary wear, tear and strain can cut this short. This means costly repairs and replacements that many homeowners are not prepared for.

In addition to managing appliances themselves, it is important to understand exactly what keeps your system running smoothly. It can take years to learn the proper way to service a gas furnace, balance furnace maintenance or try to take on a boiler installation. Instead of spending time and money educating yourself on furnace installation or boiler repair, trust fully insured, highly experienced plumbing contractors to get the job done properly.

Avoid unpleasant surprises by having an expert assess and treat your appliances and fixtures throughout the year. Preparation is great but sometimes the unexpected happens and that is why we offer emergency services as well as scheduled maintenance. In addition to turning on, it is important to ensure that your property is as energy efficient as possible.

Furnace repair can help to lower average utility bills, as can functional heat pumps. Whether looking for boiler service, or clearing clogged drains, a licensed Port Coquitlam plumber can help!

We Are Your Port Coquitlam Emergency Plumber

Creating a maintenance schedule is great but that doesn’t mean that plumbing emergencies don’t happen. When you need an emergency plumber, we have got you covered. Local, experienced service means peace of mind for our clients and a better outlook for our community as a whole. Professional plumbing companies are regulated by government agencies, so you can rest easy knowing that your property is being properly cared for.

The needs of your property are often determined by the time of year. As cold weather begins to creep in, a furnace service can help to keep you warm. Our specialists in Port Coquitlam, BC, work to improve the health, safety and comfort of our friends and neighbours. By adhering to building codes and standards, our clients can rest easy knowing that any job, big or small is completed safely and effectively.

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We cater to great local Port Coquitlam community neighbourhoods including but not limited to:

Birchland Manor, Central Port Coquitlam, Citadel, Glenwood Port Coquitlam, Lincoln Park, Lower Mary Hill, Mary Hill, Oxford Heights, Riverwood, Woodland Acres.

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We have the equipment and expertise to service or repair anything from those older plumbing setups to the latest plumbing related appliances and fixtures.

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