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Coquitlam Plumbing Services

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Coquitlam Plumbing Services

We provide Coquitlam plumbing services in addition to Hot Water Tank and Furnace servicing, HVAC and Gas service and Remodelling. Do you have a clogged drain? Meadow Ridge Plumbing and Gas can assist you with that issue also. Dripping faucets and leaky toilets cost you money so start saving and call us today!

Professional Plumbers are regulated by government and governing agencies so proper practices are established. This provides a positive impact on your health, safety and comfort. Meadow Ridge Plumbing works according to plumbing and building codes within Coquitlam and adheres to the highest standards on all jobs and projects.

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We cater to great local Coquitlam community neighbourhoods including but not limited to:
Burke Mountain, Canyon Springs, Cape Horn, Central Coquitlam, Chineside, Coquitlam East, Coquitlam West, Eagle Ridge, Harbour Chines, Harbour Place, Hockaday, Maillardville, Meadow Brook, New Horizons, North Coquitlam, Park Ridge Estates, Ranch Park, River Springs, Scott Creek, Summit View, Upper Eagle Ridge, Westwood Plateau, Westwood Summit

Coquitlam does whatever it takes to provide safe and reliable water service to local residents and of course businesses. There are typically some common issues when you may experience some issues with your water service. Most water pressure problems are not due to the City of Coquitlam’s water system but instead a problem in your own plumbing system. For this reason, a plumber is your best first call!

Occasionally, the tap water in your home may look merky, cloudy. There could be any number of reasons that can cause this including work being done on the water system by the city or a water main break somewhere in the plumbing system line. If you do find dirty water in your home, it is recommended that you run the cold water in your tub or outside tap until the water runs clear; typically 30 minutes.

Important: Always have your leaking hot water tank inspected by a Coquitlam area plumber before replacing it as it could be just a faulty pressure reducing valve.

Here are some quick Coquitlam plumbing services resources:
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We have the equipment and expertise to service or repair anything from those older plumbing setups to the latest plumbing related appliances and fixtures.

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