Do You Have a Gas Leak??

  1. Leave the House

  2. Call 911 or Fire Department

  3. Contact Fortis BC @ 604-443-6500

Gas leaks can be potentially devastating to your home. If you have detected a gas leak in your home, we can effectively stop the leak then restore your home to a safe environment for your family to enjoy.

Assistance Required?

Realizing you have a gas leak is typically done when you smell sulfur which is also described as a rotten egg smell. In todays world, a gas leak can occur from so many sources such as major appliances which now make use of gas. We trace the leak from the gas main to the source of the leak and successfully seal them. At times, it is just a matter of making a minor adjustments to repair a leak but our repair experts always ensure you are safe and all gas lines are properly operational.

Becoming alerted to a gas leak typically is not too hard, with the smell of it, but there are some other things you can do. Obtain a carbon monoxide detector which sounds an alarm if gas levels in your house are a threat. When you are out in the yard, just take a moment and look for signs that a broken gas pipe may exist. Signs of this could be dirt blowing up from the ground on yet a windless day or perhaps the sound of bubbling water, a hissing sound.

If you have detected a gas leak, call Meadow Ridge Plumbing and Gas to have us come out and repair it for you. Together we can make sure your home is safe!

When it comes to gas repair, always call a professional. The expertise of a licensed professional will save you time, money, and unnecessary potential damage to your home.


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Did you know?

Natural gas smells like rotten eggs because the suppliers add the terrible smell to is as a warning that harmful vapors are in the air.

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